The Advantages of Intranet That No One Talks About

Is your company experiencing growing pains of adapting to a remote workforce? Companies dealing with these problems often find themselves dealing with the same obstacles. Mismanaged documents, inefficient internal communications, and chaotic disarray of policies and procedures impede the path to efficient operation for these companies. Looking for a solution doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be summed up in four words: “You need an intranet!” 

Defining the Solution in Layman’s Terms

Before you realize how a SharePoint intranet can solve your company dilemmas, you may need a little clarification on what an intranet is. An intranet is a website platform that only members of your organization can access. It is much different from the internet in that respect. An intranet is a digital tool used to share, store, and co-author company documents, establish internal communication channels and develop automated workflows. It is secure and scalable to your company. The specific nature of development makes it a great solution to any company’s needs.

Presenting the Advantages (of Which There are Many)

If you’ve tossed the term intranet around with the IT guys, you may have received some pushback. It doesn’t have to be cluttered, and it doesn’t have to play host to outdated content. With an easy to use interface, your IT department can keep your content fresh, engaging, and relevant. Increased employee efficiency and improved communication are two of the primary benefits that give buyers a return on their workforce management investment. In fact, though there are a wealth of intranet advantages, here are four big ones.

  1. You Can Deliver More Personalized Service

The marketplace is competitive, it’s the name of the game. You can gain an edge when you know what’s trending with consumers. Frontline employees recognize these trends because they notice them firsthand every day. A robust intranet connects management to these employees. This allows management to understand essential insights into company processes. A SharePoint intranet can give every employee a voice. Understanding inefficient processes and customer experiences enable more personalized service in the future. 

Additionally, your employees have preferences relative to how they consume or exchange information. Your employees also need to be aware of how to best respond to consumers to improve their experience with your company. Make effective changes by communicating on your intranet. Intranet software that can address personalization and affect decision-making creates greater efficiency.

Marketers know that today’s consumer generations are much different from one another. Millennials have different electronic interests, and they prefer digital delivery for almost everything. Many marketing teams look to gain a foothold with younger consumers. What is the best way to reach Gen Z and Millennials? Social networking, digital video, mobile advertising, and company apps are where to focus. Over time, these generations will comprise a growing percentage of the workforce. Companies need to invest in partnerships, services, capabilities, and business models that reach these employees how they want to be reached. The investment is intranet software.

  1. You Can Create a Collaborative Culture

The biggest threat to your company isn’t your competition. It’s a lack of employee engagement. Your employees want (and need) to feel like a vital part of the organization. They want to have their opinions or ideas heard, recognized, and valued. Without employee engagement, your company faces high turnover rates, poor job performance, and a dismal corporate culture. Collaboration is the glue that connects employees to each other, fostering change and growth. It is the heartbeat of employee engagement.

Present your team members with a platform that encourages exchanging information and experience. Intranet software promotes that exchange. On your intranet, creative new ideas merge with the strengths of time-tested policies or procedures. Information can flow vertically and horizontally through the company, making it more than a top-down connectivity channel.

  1. You Can Strengthen Communication

Second to employee engagement is the need for uncomplicated communication opportunities. Intranet software creates direct and instant communication channels that reduce the spread of misinformation. Logging into your intranet gives co-workers a chance to collaborate, reconnect with the company mission or culture, and streamline their work processes. Intranet software can connect your whole organization whether you are a corporate member, a remote agent, or a receptionist at the home office. Heading straight to the source of information offers clarity and continuity which accelerates business productivity.

  1. You Can Manage Your Data

Intranet software provides searchable data storage. Searchable data storage grants employees easy access to the files they need to do their jobs. File-sharing can occur through the software. Quickly disseminate information to another individual or team in your organization. Forums and discussion boards can provide answers to questions and encourage feedback. The tools within intranet software function to enable employees to improve their job performance. Whether working on-site or from home, your intranet software tools serve your needs. Employees can also access the software on mobile devices by using the SharePoint app. Convenient access from any device ensures everyone stays in the loop. Employees won’t miss company business and important information when it’s on the intranet.

Implementing an intranet system creates uniformity within an organization. It provides workforce management, as it grants all employees access to the same information. It connects employees to one another and provides valuable resources for job performance. Employees become more engaged in their roles when they trust the intranet as the source of corporate truth for the organization.  Avoid frustrations over outdated information or time-consuming searches with intranet software. These aspects of communication and engagement are vital to your company’s success. An intranet system like hubley™ will revolutionize the way you collaborate and communicate. 


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