Improving Customer Service With Intranet

In recent years, customer service has become increasingly important to people who spend their hard-earned money at different businesses. If you’re looking for ways to improve your customer service strategy, consider adopting an intranet at your organization. 

Intranets — private networks available only to employees — are tools that can help companies looking to upgrade their customer experience. With features that enhance internal communication, provide a place for knowledge sharing, and automate employee tasks, using an intranet for customer service can help you give your customers the care and attention they deserve. 

The Role of Intranet in Customer Service 

Although an intranet is an internal system, it can have a significant impact on external customer service. Here are four ways intranet implementation can help your team members improve their customer service strategies. 

Communication Hub 

A customer service intranet fosters better communication with customers and between team members. Many intranets contain messaging platforms that allow customer-facing staff to obtain accurate answers to obscure questions in real time and immediately relay that information to the customer. Streamlining internal communication in this way helps organizations deliver the “wow” factor in their customer service interactions. 

Additionally, opening up the lines of communication allows businesses to do away with siloed departments so employees can collaborate more easily and more often. This increased collaboration often leads to greater innovation, enhanced employee engagement, and more robust customer service strategies. 

Knowledge Sharing and Accessibility  

Intranets provide a place for document storage and act as knowledge hubs. As a result, organizations can use them to create a repository of information that helps customer service agents perform better.  

They’ll have access to industry trends, information about specific customers, and even in-depth and up-to-date product and service information. Ensuring access to relevant data helps support teams provide more accurate information and a higher level of service to customers. 

Streamlined Processes 

Many intranet platforms allow for creating customized workflows, which can help streamline everyday processes for your customer service representatives. This high level of task automation increases efficiency and productivity in your business, allowing everyone to get more done in less time. It also results in much less stress for employees since they can significantly reduce their task completion times. 

Many business owners don’t realize that task automation is one of the best customer service strategies in their arsenal. Because it makes your customer service team more efficient, they can offer accelerated response times to customer inquiries and issues. This, in turn, creates a better customer experience and greater satisfaction. 

Improved Staffing  

You may not realize you can improve employee engagement with an intranet. Customer service agents are happy and engaged when they have the tools they need to do their jobs well.  

With the right platform, your customer service team will have access to industry-wide knowledge of the latest customer service strategies. They will also gain the ability to better understand any individual clients’ needs. 

Having easy access to this information makes providing a stellar customer service experience much easier. As a result, your staff is more likely to remain loyal to your company, leading to happier customers, reduced turnover, and a bigger bottom line. 

Benefits of Using an Intranet for Customer Service 

Using an intranet for customer service has a plethora of benefits for both customers and businesses, including:  

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Employees save time with streamlined processes, allowing them to service even more customers during their shifts 
  • Improved CX: Quick communication and information sharing improve the customer experience, resulting in improved customer relationships and retention  
  • Empowered Staff: Having automated tools at their fingertips empowers your staff to do their jobs well, which ultimately boosts morale and engagement 

Though learning how to improve customer service with an intranet takes a bit of time and effort, these benefits make it well worth it. 

What Industries Benefit From Intranet for Customer Service? 

You can use an intranet for various industries and businesses that serve customers. Here is a rundown of how the healthcare, retail, and finance sectors can find success with intranet implementation. 


An intranet can improve patient experience in healthcare by streamlining communication and allowing for the sharing of patient records between providers. With many people seeing multiple practitioners, accessing shared information in real time prevents delays in diagnoses and care.  

Intranets can also lower the likelihood of patient injury by reducing incidences of contraindicated medication or procedures. Finally, they can provide accurate data tracking, which helps care providers give patients relevant feedback and improve outcomes. 


An intranet can significantly improve staff communication in retail. It gives employees a platform on which to collaborate on ideas and ensure everyone is on the same page. It also gives employees the chance to get answers to common customer questions, which in turn helps them deliver accurate and timely information. 


Because finance is one of the most regulated industries, protecting sensitive data is necessary. Intranets can allow employees to access secure and compliant documents and data in finance institutions. You can store documents and client files where only authorized team members can access them, reducing the likelihood of an expensive data breach. 

Make Your Customers Your Top Priority With a Robust Intranet Solution 

Intranets not only enhance the employee experience but also ensure that your brand’s customer service strategy is on point. From learning hubs and messaging features to e-commerce integration, hubley has the features you need to create an intranet platform that enhances your business at every turn. 

Providing great customer service takes work, but hubley can make it easier. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you grow your customer base with a customized intranet solution that’s right for you.

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