A Guide to hubley Custom Alerts

hubley offers intranet alerts that help you send messages to your company to keep everyone on the same page. Make your organization’s communication is more accessible and simpler than ever before.

Simple Pipeline for Pushing Out Messages

Create custom workplace alerts with a few clicks, all from hubley’s simple and intuitive user interface. Sending updates, alerts, and messages has never been easier.

Keep Your Whole Team in the Know

Alerts are perfect for sending high-level updates and messages. Make sure your whole team knows about the latest information.

Avoid Information Desynchronization

Teams need to stay in sync to be effective. Alerts help to overcome many of the desynchronization issues that trouble businesses around the globe.

Push Information to Targeted Audiences

Target your alerts to specific audiences within your company. This can be a custom audience, team, department, or the whole company. Make sure the right people always get the right message at the right time.

Build Alerts Into Your Workflows

Thanks to customizable workplace alerts, you can use them for more than just top-level company notices. Integrate them into different communication workflows. hubley works the way you do.

Find the Right Alert for Your Message

Choose from different alert types to ensure that your message is communicated effectively. hubley lets you send updates, reminders, and more.

Centralize Essential Communication

Your hubley intranet creates a central location for all your company messaging. Ensure that your team always knows exactly where to go to check the latest updates.

Send Messages That Get Noticed

Your custom workplace alerts offer a special channel for outgoing company messages. You never have to worry about information getting lost in inboxes again. Your alerts will always stand out and get noticed.

Special, High-Visibility Message Tray

Alerts get special treatment in hubley. All your team members will immediately see them in a special banner message tray.

hubley Intranet Alerts – A Better Form of Company Communication

Effective internal communication has long been a challenge for businesses large and small. hubley helps improve all your communication and collaboration channels. With intranet alerts, you have a simple, attractive, and effective way to push messages to your team members.


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