Using Video On Your Intranet? You Should Be

Are you using video on your intranet? I know it may be a personal question, so let me tell you why you should. Here are some on-the-internet-so-must-be-true** statistics about video:

  • First, videos are worth how many words? 1 minute = 1.8 million
  • Second, if you hear it, you’ll retain 10% 3 days later; if you see it and hear it, you’ll retain 65% 3 days later
  • Third, 55% of internet users reported consuming entire videos, compared to 33% for articles and 29% for blogs
  • Fourth, Twitter users retweet videos six times more often than tweets with photos
  • And, lastly, YouTube captures 1 billion hours of video watchers daily

YouTube Users Watch One Billion Hours of Videos Everyday

If your intranet is not grabbing your organization's attention, YouTube probably is. Turn everyone's attention inward with corporate vlogs, training videos, and video coffee talks with leadership. Here are our BEST THREE TIPS for integrating video into your intranet.

  1. Challenge yourself and your usual content style. If communications and intranetting are part of your daily job responsibilities, you are likely stuck in a rote content style. Mix it up with a video! Use those creative synapses to create or direct video content outside typical news entries and content rotators. Above all, if you love the videos you're helping to create, your audience will love them too.
  2. Use what we know about how people learn and retain information to enhance messaging and gain engagement. Again, we know one minute of solid video is worth gazillions in communication currency, so exploit it. What makes a solid video? It should be interesting but entertaining (even vaguely entertaining is better than boring!), not too long (1-2 mins is solid), and relevant (we have some ideas about how to make communications more effective here).
  3. Appeal to the millennials. Look, they're everywhere. OK, we have jokes, but, seriously, the millennial generation is taking over the workforce. They don't want to read reports printed on reams of paper (no one does), and they don't like to read meeting minutes (no one does). Most importantly about them, if you give them the information they want and need in a way that is meaningful to them, they will engage.

Thanks for reading! Now go create a test vlog that everyone will love and be an intranet hero.


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**Sources. Credit where it's due and all that:


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