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8 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Intranet

Have you seen lifestyle bloggers do those gratitude practices on Instagram? We love the idea of making a daily list of things to be grateful for. The first things that come to mind are family, friends, and health. Further down the list could be a favorite hobby, TV show, sports team, or latte flavor (we don’t judge). And we should also be thankful for our jobs. After all, our jobs make all the other stuff possible. Some days we’re more thankful than others (such as Thanksgiving, or any day that’s not Monday). Have you ever been thankful for the things that make your job easier? Such as … your Intranet?

Sharepoint Intranet Gratitude Practice

Does feeling thankful for a workplace tool make you feel a like a tool? Bear with us. Intranets *really* do help you out:

  1. Communication:  Avoid clogging up your inboxes or having to make dozens of phone calls. (Especially avoid having to exchange pleasantries with Susan about her cats.) Share only the information you need to share. Get the questions you want answered without hearing anything you don’t need to hear.
  2. Efficiency: See statuses, org charts, contact information all in one place, at a glance. Avoid annoying, repetitive questions. Remember when your dad would tell you to “look it up” whenever you asked him questions? YOU can do that now!
  3. Centralization: All the documents, images, and logos in one place. Imagine a day where you don’t have to attach the .png file of your company’s logo. An Intranet can make that day a reality.  

Next-Level Thankful

It’s easy to list general reasons why intranets are great for companies. If your current intranet isn’t giving you reasons to be even more thankful, are you even intranetting properly? Partnering with hubley can get you *more* out of your Intranet.

  1. Resourcefulness: hubley maximizes your SharePoint and Office 365 investment. This means your boss will love you for optimizing tools your company already pays for. Tell her to put those savings in your paycheck.
  2. Utility: Your leadership will love you for creating a product that employees actually WANT to use. After all, what good is an intranet if people don’t use it? hubley makes your Intranet beautiful, homepage-worthy, and bursting with bookmark-ability.
  3. Familiar-But-Better: hubley brings your coworkers familiar Microsoft tools. Theoretically, they should know how to work them by now. Think Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, OneDrive, and Delve. But we bring them together in a beautiful package. Convince your bosses that fewer training sessions = more productivity.
  4. Culture: Another workplace buzzword for you. It can feel overused, but you know what? It matters. Creating an environment employees want to be in helps recruit them and keep them. A happy worker is a productive worker!  
  5. Quick Set-up: hubley is up and running in as little as two weeks. No downtime. No confusing in-between time when no one knows which system to use. Working smarter, not harder? Check!

Feel #Blessed

Ready to get this party started? Request a demo, and we’ll walk you through our solutions. We’ll also listen to your Intranet concerns and software dreams. Don’t feel like you’re quite “there” yet? That’s cool—we get it. You can ask us some questions, or even just read some other people’s. Wherever you’re at in your process, our goal is to make you feel #blessed.

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