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The Finance Industry Intranet Everyone Can Agree On

No matter your industry, you have specific needs for your company-wide Intranet. But just like finance is a specialized industry, finance companies need specialized Intranets. You need the same efficiency and accuracy you put into your work. You need a finance industry Intranet.

It’s Got What You Want

Intranet experts in the finance industry built hubley. We know what you want in a workplace tool—including everything you didn’t know you wanted in an Intranet. First of all, it’s pretty. It’s attractive enough that you don’t mind making it your startup page and using a spot in your bookmarks bar. Unexpected extras such as content targeting and social feeds can boost productivity. But also, it’ll delight users. Delighted users will actually use the Intranet. And a used Intranet is a productive Intranet (and money well spent).

It’s Got What You Need

Hopefully, by now you know that hubley is not your grandpa’s corporate site. But its features still gets the job done. FAQs, Events, News, and Alerts will ensure everyone is informed and aware. Forms and Surveys give everyone a chance to inform management right back. Staff directories and org charts will be especially useful. (Especially when you can’t ever remember that guy’s name in accounting.) A well-populated Media Library means you won’t have to attach that same logo image to an email ever again. Quick Links and Searchability means everyone can find the function they need when they need it. And hubley makes all of this is 100% customizable to match your company’s brand as well as your company’s needs.

The Finance Industry Intranet Everyone Can Agree On

Not everyone at a finance company is technically “in” finance. You’re not ALL number-pushers wearing fleece vests. Your company likely has human resources, communications, accounting—and all the other cogs necessary to run a company. And every one of these cogs needs an Intranet that works for them. Alerts, news, events, and processes can all coexist in one beautiful, user-friendly hub. Your teams are always the focus. hubley delivers a platform to enhance culture and bridge communication gaps between them.

Start Creating Your Perfect Intranet

Start your hubley relationship with a demo. We’ll answer your questions and give you a preview of what hubley can do for your teams. Contact us. We’re counting the minutes until you do.

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