How To Improve Workforce Productivity

The workplace has undergone significant changes in the last few years. Email, chat, and video conferencing have kept everyone connected rather than in in-person interactions. Yet, efficiency and enthusiasm have suffered in many ways. An organization’s biggest asset and investment are its people. Unexpected changes have left many employees feeling detached and disinterested. If your organization needs help getting back on track and improving workplace productivity, a corporate intranet can address various challenges your business is facing.

Employee Engagement

Employees make decisions every day that can affect the success of your organization. Employee engagement helps you measure and manage employees’ perspectives on the critical elements of your workplace culture. Are your employees putting in their time only out of obligation? Or do they complete their tasks with purpose and focus every day?

Highly engaged workers perform better and produce superior business outcomes for their employers than employees with low engagement. An intranet encourages company-wide interaction and helps employees at every level feel they are an essential component of the operation and integral to the success of the business.

Using Tools to Boost Productivity

Productivity is critical for business success. Tight budgets mean that allocated resources must be expended to their best advantage. An integrated suite of easy-to-use tools can bring people together. These tools are at your disposal to construct and reinforce a progressive company culture with your intranet. Support every aspect of your organization with these tools, from new employee onboarding to creating a centralized place to learn and encourage innovation.

Improve Productivity with Improved Communication

Silos and barriers formed due to location or functional roles can hinder communication and collaboration. An intranet can create connections and facilitate community building, allowing information to flow more freely. These connections allow employees to:

  • Assemble the right people on teams 
  • Establish strengthened communication procedures 
  • Coordinate processes 
  • Access FAQs & get answers to questions from experts 
  • Reduce duplication of effort

An intranet enables employees to share knowledge, discuss ideas, and problem-solve through a single pane of glass. It can help boost the effectiveness of the collective brainpower within your organization.

Keep Up-To-Date Information

Collaborating in real-time can take advantage of the passion and schedule of employees, no matter where they are. Instead of sorting through email chains or folders upon folders in shared drives, team members can easily access the information they need.

Empowering employees and encouraging them to use this shared space can strengthen the bonds between individuals and teams. Your intranet is home to a broad range of endeavors, from industry-specific topics and discussion forums to brainstorming and sharing podcasts, videos, and articles. What your intranet does is up to you! Customize your intranet with your choice of webparts and page designs. 

Reduce Search Time

One of the many capabilities of an intranet enables users to enter a search query to find all organizational knowledge related to that topic, whether in the form of a whitepaper, blog, file, or discussion forum. By storing all data in one location, employees can research key terms and find what they need, reducing time wasted waiting for answers. 

Easier Task Management

A comprehensive intranet solution can integrate with the tools your employees already use for one unified digital workplace. Individuals can track deadlines through calendar entries and see personalized tasks and activities in one place, and then act within the solution. The result is a sleek, streamlined process. Notifications and chat ensure employees relate to colleagues from anywhere across devices.

Connection to Distributed Employees

The workplace environment has changed for millions of people over the last few years. Evidence shows that the number of telecommuting employees has exploded. The office has become home office space for many, and meetings are often online. Many people who relocated for work have moved to other towns, states or countries that they prefer. 

Teams that remain on-site may still be spread thin across departments or located in different offices. A corporate intranet increases remote collaboration opportunities and enhances the effectiveness of virtual team meetings, helping everyone work in sync.

Accessible Policies and Procedures

Static documents are often stored on a drive or left in an email; outdated and forgotten. Having your company policies and procedures in a single digital repository can ensure they are accessible to everyone in the company and updated as needed. An intranet is also convenient for accessing HR benefits and frequently used forms, including expenses, travel, and leave.

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Having the right technology for your organization is key to improving productivity and efficiency. If you’re wondering how to increase employee productivity and improve satisfaction, an intranet can contribute in multiple ways. Removing the roadblocks that cause employees to stumble helps them become self-sufficient and encourages creativity and communication.

Traditional file repositories have limited functionality and social intranets often contain non-work-related chatter and fade away when it’s clear they are not work relevant.

To ensure you get the most from a corporate intranet, it’s essential that you find a solution to fit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your concerns and learn more about how to increase productivity and keep employees involved.

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