Only Hear Good Things About Your Intranet. Imagine That.

After gathering custom intranet requirements for over a decade, the team of consultants who founded Rogue Services and Solutions, a niche SharePoint consultancy, focused on an intranet solution that was easy to implement with less risk and more functionality than its custom competition. hubley was born—an organizational hub for collaboration, engagement, and productivity.

The impetus for hubley was the trend in the market. We realized that 80-90% of the custom intranet requirements we were getting overlapped and saw an opportunity for a new business model. We developed it for two years, and then we challenged ourselves to implement it in a week—and worked on it until we could. hubley disrupts custom intranet sales, as it creates an opportunity for organizations to go live with rapidly deployed intranets, as well as opportunities for regularly updated features and apps to keep the look and feel fresh and exciting.

The future of intranets is mobile-friendly, device-agnostic, and social-everything. hubley has aligned itself with that vision by offering the latest in Microsoft best practices. It is beautiful, configurable, flexible, and secure. With flat-fee and subscription models, the hubley intranet is a smart investment for organizations of all sizes.

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