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D.A.M.! I wish I was on your Intranet. Your Marketing Team’s BFF.

Have you ever heard of “digital asset management?” I hadn’t either, until Rogue worked closely with a marketing firm on hubley branding. This group really knew their stuff–and it was obvious because they used words like “digital asset management,” known as DAM in the biz.

DAM is one of many activities marketing teams are responsible for. Digital assets are really the outputs of tons of collaboration… collaboration on templates, messaging, style guides, logos, marks, research… you get the idea… until one day a FINAL VERSION is blessed. Then about four days later, they begin working on the latest and greatest, and the process begins anew.

What is the easiest way to manage all of the activities and marketing/brand collateral, from drafts to final? And how can the responsible teams best share them with disparate groups–maybe even globally–depending on an organization’s reach? You already know the answer if you read this blog. A department portal, of course.

A marketing portal:

  • Facilitates collaboration, ensures version control, and allows for multiple authors to work on pieces concurrently. From press releases to vector graphics, it can all be managed in a portal.
  • Lets the team monitor and update social media in all forms, easily–Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Insta, you name it. Is Vine still a thing? Anyway, put the feeds right on your portal, ensuring brand and message consistency and timing.
  • Makes new product launches easy. Well, easier. Blitz your sales force, channel partners, and other stakeholders with  approved assets, while protecting the drafts and brainstorms you’ve worked on for months.

We think every organization with a marketing team could benefit from a dedicated portal. Need some help with this? I know a guy!


Thanks for reading!*


*Shout-out to my 90s girl Sophie B. Hawkins.


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