6 Reasons Financial Companies Love hubley’s Intranet Solution

Financial companies have a big variety of needs. These can include efficient customer service, the highest levels of security, and collaboration between many teams and organizations.

A Solution For Financial Companies

hubley’s intranet solution can meet all your internal communication and project management needs. Most enterprise-level businesses could benefit from hubley, no matter the industry. But there are six features especially suited for financial companies.

  • Speed. Have you ever heard of the phrase “time is money?” (Just kidding, you’re in finance. Does a day go by that you DON’T hear it or at least think it?) Halts in processes. Bad communication. Confusion over file locations. These are all losses that add up to the detriment of your bottom line. hubley delivers a product to increase your team’s efficiency on a daily—even hourly—basis. And we’re up and running in less than two weeks so changing your intranet won’t mean a decrease in your productivity.
  • Aesthetics. Financial companies likely value functionality over looks. But the truth is your employees will use your intranet more if it’s pretty. If they use it more, the intranet will be more effective. An effective intranet will make employees more efficient and your company more profitable. So when it comes to intranets, looks matter. And hubley simply looks better than other intranets.
  • Resourcefulness. Your company’s already paying for Microsoft SharePoint. Instead of reinventing the wheel, make the wheel work better for you with hubley. hubley optimizes Yammer, Skype for Business, OneDrive, and Delve. It’s all the things you might like about SharePoint but utilized to decrease friction. It’s a tailored solution with familiar tools, starting at about ⅓ the price you’d pay for a custom-built system.
  • Soft-skilled. Most intranets on the market can track tasks and goals, that’s not that hard. But you’re looking for something more. hubley is as mobile, social, and productive as your real workplace. It not only is where your company works, it where your company breathes. hubley enhances your culture, improves the workplace community, and makes teams more efficient.
  • Evolving. Often, once a new system is finally implemented, it’s already outdated. Just like when you upgraded to the iPhoneX and you got home and saw the commercial for the XS. hubley fixes this by evolving with your company, automatically implementing small changes every few months. Inconvenient and work-halting updates will never be necessary. This improves functionality and guarantees it will always look fresh and feel modern. Just like that iPhoneXS you now want…  
  • Secure. hubley includes enterprise-level security. Our clients include major players in the financial and healthcare industry. Security is tantamount and is built into all of our systems. Additionally, hubley offers customized security settings. You can completely control who has access to what data.

An Intranet to Invite, Inform, and Impress

If you’re interested in scheduling a demonstration of hubley’s capabilities, you can request one on our website. We’d love the chance to answer your questions and show you want we can do. Contact us and set in motion an intranet to address all your financial company’s needs.  

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