Remote Work: Improve Your Employees Productivity With A Powerful Intranet Solution

A remote work environment can bring many benefits to an organization. Yet, there have long been concerns that most remote employees’ autonomy can lead to decreased productivity. This is an understandable worry. Individuals who aren’t used to being on their own may have a more challenging time getting motivated. Also, proactively communicating with their team members isn’t as easy as walking down the hall. Using an intranet software like hubley™ can benefit all facets of your enterprise. Increase employee engagement and foster greater productivity no matter where your employees are working from with hubley™.

What Is an Intranet Software?

An intranet is a secure, alternative network option for public internet networks. It is privately owned and accessible only by specific users such as company employees. If your company’s seeking to ease adjustments to remote employment while maintaining productivity levels, an intranet is an essential tool that must be considered.

Your organization’s success hinges upon consistent employee engagement. Research studies have shown there is a heightened risk of losing employee interest in isolated work environments. Keeping employees isolated and resources out of reach will bury your company’s potential. An intranet solution makes it easier for employees to communicate, collaborate, access tools, and automate certain tasks.

What Are the Benefits of an Intranet for Remote Employees?

The features and applications you decide to use will define your intranet experience. hubley™ offers many unique and specialized features to make your intranet experience one-of-a-kind. The features you select to use will have a significant impact on how your organization uses your intranet. One of the greatest overall benefits of an intranet right now comes from the ways it supports and enhances remote employment. Here are a few of the key ways an intranet software makes a difference.

  1. It creates new communication opportunities.

    Remote employees will have to perform their tasks without in-person managerial supervision. Large organizations may struggle to connect the right employee to the correct department. the right intranet solution can connect anyone and everyone in your organization. Streamline your communication with direct links between staff and management during remote work.

    Setting up community discussion boards helps avoid employee inactivity while waiting for answers. Employees can reach out immediately and have access to answers from different coworkers. Share messages across the company or across specific departments. Post messages and users can access them immediately after. Whether these are messages of inspiration and motivation or updates about company progress, your whole organization can view and comment. These connections help employees remember the company community and feel attached to the culture they’re familiar with when they were on-site with their coworkers.
  2. It creates efficiency with document storage, retrieval, and collaboration.

    The sheer volume of paperwork necessary for a company to function day-to-day can be overwhelming. No one wants to drag home the dozens of filing cabinets needed to store information. An intranet would not only improve organizational structure. It would also make it possible for authorized employees to access the documents and information they need to get their jobs done. An intranet software can solve this problem.

    An intranet network centralizes the storage of documents for viewing and collaboration. Distanced employees can always view an up-to-date copy of the information they need. Your intranet can store thousands of pages of information. An intranet search engine lets employees key in a search term for faster access to the information requested. Files, notes, discussions, or blogs can all be accessed this way. This offers employees a more efficient way to target the resources they need to do their job.
  3. It creates a more efficient, collaborative culture.

    Employees needing answers from their teammates could send an email or make a phone call. But, as stated, response time for these communication options can take time. hubley™ is built for collaboration and allows for more comprehensive answers. Collaboration can occur between many individuals at the same time. The option to connect through mobile devices even allows employees who are away from their desks to provide input. Individuals can provide timely feedback from anywhere, ask for recommendations on how to proceed, or post concerns for the company to address.
  4. It brings the company into the remote office.

    There are risks associated with a remote workforce. Remote employees may lose their sense of connection to the company culture and struggle with personal feelings of value and job satisfaction. With intranet software, you can restore that relationship by sharing more than information about job duties. You can create brainstorming hubs, share articles from industry experts, and give shout-outs for birthdays or achievements. You can also keep employees aware of policy changes and procedures, highlight operational strengths, and address areas of weakness. Your customized hubley™ intranet brings the company back to the individual. All collaboration and communication resources are at your employees’ fingertips. Employees provided with powerful tools are responsible for their own engagement and success.


An intranet software does more than creating efficiency with remote work. It can restore employee engagement and identity with the company culture, community, and mission. Employees who identify closely with the company culture and community have improved productivity. Intranet solutions like hubley™ can have a powerful impact on your company’s success.


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