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hubley™ is the ultimate way to deploy your company intranet. With tools for managing staff information, idea sharing, employee engagement, and team collaboration, hubley will help you work better. To help you navigate all this great content, our search features make it simple to find anything you are looking for. 

There are several reasons why efficient search is so vital: 

  • Save Time: Spend less time looking and more time doing. 
  • Increase Productivity: With fewer obstacles to success, your team can stay in the “flow.” 
  • Reduce Frustration: User-friendly tools mean fewer struggles, less frustration, and better morale. 

Intranet Content at Your Fingertips 

hubley search is your “find anything” solution to navigating your intranet. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in just a few key presses. All your intranet content is right at your fingertips. hubley helps you maximize search capabilities during the initial implementation as well as continuously improve search over time by looking at search-based analytics as needed or during your CSM-led quarterly engagement sessions. Ensuring your user’s search experience is always improving and your organization is taking advantage of the latest search trends like filtering, “best bets,” or promoted links.  

Search Powered by Microsoft 365 and SharePoint 

Your hubley intranet is built on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online. It leverages and extends Microsoft 365’s powerful search features to help make finding what you need easier. This is an unmatched search experience. 

Looking for a Person? An Idea? An Answer? No Problem! 

With hubley’s StaffHub, IdeaHub, KnowledgeHub, and many other great modules, you can host a lot of information on your company intranet. When paired with hubley search, this collection of information means that you can find anything you are looking for and find it fast! 

All Your Microsoft 365 Content 

Your team’s Microsoft 365 content is accessible through hubley, so you can use search to easily find the tools, files, and data you are looking for. hubley search helps to bring everything you need together in one place. With Enterprise Search configuration, even index and search third-party solutions. 

With hubley Search, Find What You Need Faster 

In today’s fast-paced world, you want your team to always have the resources it needs to succeed. Using hubley, you can bring together company data, files, tools, and more in a single pane of glass experience for your users. With the search feature, the centralized hub for your business becomes even easier to use!


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