How Intranet Helps Your HR Team

Human Resources is the lifeblood of any company. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most misunderstood and underrated departments in most organizations. If you work in HR or as a recruiter, you know firsthand how many different hats you’re expected to wear at any given time. You must keep up with many different responsibilities. These include, but are not limited to: employee engagement, payroll management, policy enforcement, and employee wellness. 

How can you keep all your responsibilities, documentation, and projects organized? The answer may be as simple as an intranet. Here are the top ways an intranet can help your HR department run more smoothly and efficiently.

Improve Communication

One of the most compelling benefits of an intranet includes its ability to improve communication across departments. Maintaining good internal communication can be a challenge unless you have an intranet to simplify things for you. The better the communication between departments, the better interdepartmental relationships tend to be. 

Increase Productivity

When everyone’s not on the same page, it can cause projects to be confusing and slow to progress. A company intranet makes it much easier for employees to share and collaborate on important documents with each other. An intranet also makes it simpler to track progress on various projects and disseminate company announcements to relevant parties within the organization. 

Manage Information

HR departments are responsible for producing, managing, and distributing massive amounts of information. To simplify this, use your intranet to store and distribute documentation as necessary. Use search to find any and all information. Employees can rely on search to find anything (such as team deadlines, employee birthdays, and corporate announcements) because there’s only one place to look! 

Track Performance Management

Another way intranets can help HR departments perform their duties more is by improving performance management. With an intranet, you can upload relevant documents to each employee’s personal dashboard. You can also add business apps (such as timesheets or project trackers) to these personalized performance management sections. 

Manage the New-Hire Lifecycle

Making sure all new employees receive proper training is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of HR. Using an intranet for HR can simplify the process by allowing HR personnel to track new employee training progress. With an intranet, recruiters can manage someone’s training speed and course completion progress. Such programs can also help new hires provide instant feedback throughout the training process, as well. 

Simplify the employee onboarding even further with hubley’s  hubley’s configurable OnboardingHub. This app is an end-to-end automated solution that allows hiring managers, human resource managers, etc. to manage the new-hire lifecycle. Dashboards, employee file management, workflows with notifications, and personalized task lists and forms keep processes smooth, creating a great impression for team members joining your organization.  

Recruit Top Talent

Recruiters can use an intranet to fill internal and external vacancies. An intranet can make the recruitment process both transparent and efficient by publishing all current vacancies on the HR dashboard. 

Enhance Learning Capabilities

Employees that have access to an intranet are more likely to engage in unstructured learning. Employees can use the intranet to search for specific work-related information. They can also request feedback from experts and get fast answers to any professional questions they may have. An intranet also allows employees to brainstorm with their co-workers and come up with solutions to work-related problems. 

Also, create learning management systems (LMS) where intranet admins can develop structured courses. Build all your systems with hubley’s LMShub and create a hub for internal training and all other educational resources.  

Communicate Company Goals

It’s always a good idea to create company goals, but how do you convey your goals to your team so you’re all working toward the same thing? Your intranet can help. Use your organization’s intranet to communicate important company goals and values to all existing and new employees. Sharing this information can help create a sense of company culture, purpose, and unity across all departments. 

Foster Transparency and Trust

When all relevant information is out in the open for all employees to see, your business runs in a more transparent and trustworthy manner. If you want to promote greater engagement and trust in your company and its leadership, getting everyone on board with communicating transparently on your intranet is a great first step. 

Improve Organization

When you’re a recruiter or work in an HR department, you have huge amounts of information to process and organize. While some documentation may need to be stored the old-fashioned way to meet regulations, much of the documentation you compile can be stored and accessed via your intranet. You can use an intranet to keep an accurate record of event calendars, employee recognitions, birthdays, and more. If you struggle to stay organized, you’ll be amazed at how much an intranet can help. 

Get an Intranet with All the Best Features

hubley’s intranet platform follows industry-best standards and can make your internal procedures and documents easier to produce and organize. If you want to increase productivity, foster better relationships with employees, and establish a feeling of trust and transparency, consider using hubley’s intranet platform.

If you would like to see the software in action to determine whether it is the right fit for your needs, request a demo. We look forward to showing you how a hubley intranet can streamline all your human resources responsibilities while improving your organization as a whole.

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