How Companies Can Increase Employee Engagement With Intranet

Organizations aiming to improve productivity and generate more revenue aren’t going to get far without motivated and engaged employees. Employees are the backbone of your company, whether they work as skilled laborers, customer service reps, or salespeople.

There are not any easy solutions to such a difficult problem, but the benefits of an engaged workforce are undeniable.

Enthusiastic employees engage with their company culture and work environment. These employees are often less stressed, healthier, and happier about their jobs. These positives can lead to increased collaboration and creativity which have a significant benefit on productivity. If you want to increase productivity, start by addressing employee engagement.

How To Keep Employees Engaged

Disengaged employees will cost a company a lot of money. Productivity will not be the only thing that suffers. Employee retention will become a problem as well. Turnover costs the company money in the human resources and recruiting departments. Part of building and retaining employee engagement is avoiding managerial behaviors that cause disengagement. Here are a few of them:

  • Devalue employee impact and meaning to your organization
  • Depersonalize decision-making, accountability, and successes
  • Dampen employee communication with one another
  • Downplay positive events within the organization
  • Doubt your employees’ abilities

Consider how an intranet can help increase engagement and reduce turnover. While company intranet has been around for years, many organizations are only now seeing the benefit of this service as an engagement tool. hubley intranet can improve employee engagement while also improving productivity. To clarify, an intranet is not an effortless solution to lousy employee engagement. Yet, a hubley intranet will provide you with the tools to start advancing workplace engagement with the right focus.

How To Determine Engagement Focus

When it comes to employee engagement, there are four primary things your company should focus on:

  • Providing recognition
  • Playing to the strengths of each employee
  • Offering an easy place for people to connect
  • Building a culture that values and appreciates each employee and their efforts.

To address these points, turn to hubley. With our pre-built SharePoint templates and a host of customizable features, you can maximize your team engagement through enhanced communication, increased personal attention and recognition, event tracking and registration, updated information feed, and media sharing. There are a few key ways intranet can change the face and practice of engagement for your company.

1. Provide Recognition

In the modern workplace, it is quite difficult to recognize employee contributions company-wide. How do you recognize employees so that it does not go unnoticed? When an employee is going beyond, he or she deserves recognition beyond that of their team and manager. When public recognition happens over email, it blends in with all the other mail despite thoughtful intentions. When it happens over a companywide call, that moment of recognition does not last. Guarantee that even your remote employees are in the loop when it comes to recognition of achievements or milestones.

Forget flooding email inboxes with memo after memo. hubley boasts peer praise and celebrations widgets to highlight team members on your intranet. Show your employees that their dedication to the company mission is meaningful.
hubley also has features to track birthdays and anniversaries and share exciting news with the rest of the company. You can create a news feed that updates your workforce with more than day-to-day data or business news. Share information and let your team members get to know each other.

2. Play To the Strengths of Employees

Your team members have distinct functions, positions, and abilities. Yet, the goal is to get each member to act as part of a unified whole to turn out a solid product or service. This requires engaging each employee and making them feel valued. Providing recognition starts the engagement process but cannot be the only engagement tool employed by managers. Playing to each person's strengths is a way to harness their attention and energy to create a better contribution. An intranet presents options for addressing what each employee needs.

Do you have employees who are fitness gurus and health fanatics? Though it may not have anything to do with their job, address those interests by recruiting them to source resources for the company’s health and wellness portal. hubley intranet has a My Links, My Following, and Videos features available. Individuals acting as intranet admins contribute to the intranet by sharing information to set up helpful content and resources. Have a team member assume control of the social media account and update it daily. Even employees without social media can view the company's posts through SocialHub. Find ways to get your employees involved on levels they enjoy while playing to their strengths.

3. Offer an Easy Place for People to Connect

Centralizing company, office, and department activity on your intranet creates a digital workplace. In this space, employees can connect in ways they are unable to in the physical workplace. When your whole organization is utilizing your intranet correctly, employees will rely on it for many things.

With the myriad of features available to you on your intranet, employees can connect in many ways. An intranet can act as a document repository, discussion forum, company directory, news feed, and more. With so many ways to interact, it’s hard to believe it's all happening in one place! Employees interacting on your intranet helps to form new relationships and build a collaborative company culture.

4. Develop a Healthy Company Culture

A healthy culture occurs when a group of individuals feel comfortable interacting with one another, confident in expressing themselves, and concerned about their fellow employees. The intranet can address each of these needs and help build engagement. Your intranet provides a real-time space for communication, but it also provides opportunities for feedback. By taking communication beyond simple email exchanges, an intranet provides additional insight into co-workers' abilities or efforts. It also gives employees an outlet for questions, concerns, or positive comments. Celebrations, discussion forums, polls, and photos are just a few of the features from hubley’s PeopleHub that motivate employee engagement.

How To Choose Your Intranet

Selecting your intranet means looking for more than just a collaboration and communication tool. If you want a system geared toward the key aspects of employee engagement that is customizable to your company’s culture, hubley is the answer. Learn more about our service options if you want to develop engagement and focus on the long-term success of your company.

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