5 Intranet Design Tips To Help You Make Beautiful Pages

hubley offers extensive customization options for all features, apps, and intranet pages. While many customers are eager to explore the design options, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. To help with this, we put together some handy tips for creating better page designs.

infographics showing how to make your company intranet better and more attractive

1. Keep Text Simple and Break It Up

Reader fatigue is a significant intranet design challenge. Using too much continuous text, especially in introductions, is a common design mistake. Keep sections concise, especially for the introductory paragraph(s) of a page. Limit the introduction to briefly covering the main ideas. Break up the page and help users find the information more quickly with section headings and lists. Readers are more likely to engage with a bulleted list!

2. Utilize Eye-Catching Imagery

Incorporate eye-catching images throughout your intranet. These may be images representing the main idea of the page, infographics, graphical buttons, or any other visual aid. hubley offers a library of stock photos you can pull from or upload your own images. 

3. Leverage Color To Keep Pages Visually Organized 

Color is an integral part of organizing your intranet design. Typically, it is best to use a consistent color scheme throughout. Use your company’s primary colors for items such as web part headers and section backgrounds with an accent color to draw attention to must-see information. 

4. Take Advantage of hubley’s Navigation Tools 

hubley provides great navigation tools, such as a simple menu bar that can change depending on the page context. Focus on building an easy-to-navigate intranet that helps users carry out their tasks. The menu has nested levels. Keep the top level short and simple by focusing only on the most relevant resources. You can have different navigational links for department and team sites. This makes it easier to keep your level-one navigational options short and relevant. 

5. When In Doubt, Benchmark Other Intranets 

One of the best ways to guide your design process is to benchmark against an excellent example of intranet design. hubley templates are designed with best practices in mind. Quickly produce high-quality, functional intranet pages tailored to your company's identity and suitable for your needs. 


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