Hey, Human Resources: You Deserve a Better Intranet

Do you work in HR? We believe that human resources is the behind-the-scenes, hero department. You keep employees and management happy—we know that cannot be easy. You’re likely the decision maker (which is why we’re sucking up to you). You rely on an intranet to communicate and manage all these complicated duties. You need an intranet as multi-tasking and efficient as you and your team.

Give Me An H! Give Me An R!

“Human resources” sounds so… human resource-y. Most people know it as HR. What else could HR mean? We came up with some alternatives to better describe what you do each and every day.

Hired Readers:

You read job descriptions, résumés, offers, employee manuals, procedures, safety plans, insurance pamphlets, and more. The limit to this list does not exist. The job might not be glamorous, but somebody has to read that stuff. It’s a known fact most employees don’t bother reading anything. So props to you, you hired reader!

Heroes, Recognized:

You’re the unsung heroes. You advocate for employees and communicate on behalf of management. You’re a professional middleman and that, my friend, makes you a hero. The respect you show, teach, and monitor deserves some respect.

Happy Retirees:

Retiring is the whole point of working, am I right? All employees are working so one day, they don’t have to work. Your role helps your co-workers work toward retirement but let’s be honest, you’re busy working toward your own retirement. Putting other employee’s needs in front of your own—are you an angel?


Next-Level Intranet

Your Intranet should help you retire, read, and respect. (Those are the new three Rs, spread the word! Reading, writing, and arithmetic never made any alphabetical sense anyway.) Your Intranet should be a tool to make your day easier, not a source of daily frustration.


“Resources” is the original R after all. If your Intranet is not a resource for employees to connect and share information, what’s the point? Without resource tools that ACTUALLY help you do your work, YOU become the tool. Do you want to have to send every document? Answer every question? Of course you don’t! (Not to mention, that quickly becomes a version control nightmare). You need a system that does all that for you. It’s 2018 after all. The robots should be doing all our jobs by now anyway.


Sometimes the biggest inhibitor of change is the fear of change. What if an Intranet can be up-and-running in less time than a fully custom solution? What if it uses tools your coworkers are already familiar with? What if you’re already paying for some of it with Microsoft Office 365? Spoiler Alert: Painless implementation can make the change, well, pain free (and hubley can help you do it).


OK, you’re HR. We know that judging appearances is “wrong.” But we think preferring pretty things is totally fine when it comes to Intranets. If an Intranet is ugly, then who’s going to look at it? And if no one’s looking at it, how can it be helpful? Get a little shallow and judge by appearances. In this case, it’ll be worth it.

Have You Thanked Human Resources Today?

Thank you, Human Resources, for all you do. We think you’re killing it. But if you want to see what a hubley Intranet can do for you, schedule a demo with us.

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