What Have you Done for Me Lately?

What Have You Done for Me Lately? An Intranet User’s Perspective

I love the 90s, and I love Janet Jackson–Miss Jackson if you’re nasty. As she is a constant in my kitchen dance parties with my children, I’d like to thank her for the inspiration for this blog post. Janet’s song, “What Have You Done for Me Lately” (oooh-oooh-ooooh-yeah), is all about a relationship gone stale. This isn’t unlike an organization’s commitment to intranet content and usage. It’s hard to keep the excitement alive, yo. It takes effort, or else your dancing feet end up on the couch. Gosh, she’s such a wise chanteuse.

Like any relationship, the connection between your intranet and your audience can get old. Then the intranet gets tossed aside and everyone goes back to bad habits–like emails and file shares (gross). Let’s talk about it. There are lots of ways to break this down, but the most basic is to think departmentally, or in verticals.

Here are three departments that benefit from a solid intranet because they manage so.much.stuff. Each of these require collaboration, document management, and version control, which a well designed SharePoint intranet can give them.


Brand standards, logos, templates, marketing campaigns, messaging, press releases — and so much more


Onboarding for new employees, benefits information, direct deposit, mailing addresses, life events/changes, compliance — and so much more

IT/Help Desk

Requests for permissions, access, upgrades, software installs, laptops, power cords, air cards — and so much more


You get the idea.

Departmental portals can accommodate for discussions, management, final versions, and workflows that track all of these needs. If you provide a compelling platform, your intranet users will never have to ask what have you done for me lately againAnd if you need help reinvigorating your SharePoint intranet to better serve your teams, I know a guy.

Thanks for reading!


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