The Top 5 Challenges for Intranets & How to Solve Them

Modern businesses need systems dedicated to creating and sharing ideas and news. It’s essential that these systems have controlled access to prevent restricted users from misusing your valuable information. This can end up adding more complexity and unwanted extra investments in IT. 

Companies that want to simplify their internal communication networks have many options. Supporting employees and facilitating good data management practices requires a specialized platform for organizing internal systems. An intranet is a solution that many organizations employ. This private internal network provides a secure and safe way for companies to tackle their most pressing issues. 

For forward-thinking organizations, a reliable intranet can be the backbone of organizational collaboration. But while the capabilities are great, potential challenges associated with intranet do exist. However, at hubley, we know your team can handle them with proper preparation. 

Understanding common intranet challenges will allow you to prepare for implementation. 

What Are the Biggest Challenges to Intranet Adoption? 

Admins and users need to be aware of common potential challenges associated with a new intranet. Your intranet project starts with understanding the problems you may face. 

These challenges can include limited adoption, bad design choices, an overabundance of assets, and a lack of relevant features. 

1. Low User Buy-In and Engagement — Employees Are Not Comfortable Using It 

When employees don’t understand how to use an asset, they’re much less likely to take advantage of it. Intranet functionalities can be confusing for some users and teams without proper support or effective messaging. Leadership should address these barriers to adoption right away.  

Start by creating a clear picture of why the intranet will be important for users who may not understand. Offer ongoing support and training for those who need it. hubley can aid in this effort to make sure key functionalities are understood. Take the time to engage with employees to make sure they understand the ongoing importance of the company’s intranet. 

2. Poor Navigation and User Experience 

Even when employees understand the importance of the intranet, it can be hard to make them use it if it’s hard to find what you are looking for. Poor navigation and a lack of understanding of where assets are found will limit the success of your intranet. It is vitally important to take advantage of user-friendly UI and UX design practices when designing your intranet. 

The user experience is central to generating engagement with any digital tools. For your intranet solutions to make a real impact, make sure to design them with good sense. This involves using feedback to influence changes and make improvements over time. 

3. Too Much Irrelevant Content 

Problems with intranet efficiency can arise from using too many assets on the system. It isn’t easy for an intranet to increase employee productivity if it’s weighed down by unnecessary information. Too much irrelevant content wastes your users’ time if they can’t search for what they want effectively. It also strains your budget, limiting the potential of your intranet to create real change. 

Deciding which content should live on your intranet is a vital step in planning. Clear guidelines for communication and understanding how the information will be organized are essential for building a successful intranet. 

4. Lack of Adaptability and Keeping Up with Modern Business Challenges 

The IT environment is constantly changing. There are always updates, new applications, and ongoing problems that need to be addressed. This means your intranet must be able to keep up with a dynamic environment without being compromised. 

Don’t be left behind by the ongoing changes in your industry. Adaptability should be built into your intranet! 

5. Lack of Useful Content and Features 

One of the biggest hurdles when creating an intranet adoption is ensuring users can use it to accomplish tasks. If your intranet lacks important features or content, then users won’t trust that they can use it to get things done. 

Make your intranet a vital asset to employees with the right deployment plan for specific roles and job functions. 

Discover Better Intranet with hubley 

There are a variety of problems that can occur with an intranet project. From poor design choices to a lack of useful features, decisions made by admins about what to include will determine whether users can trust their intranets and complete work effectively. hubley’s intranet, supporting apps, and customized solutions can provide the answers to these problems. 

At hubley, we’re equipping you with all the tools you need to collaborate, engage and communicate across your organization.  

Get the intranet that grows with you. Request a demo today to see what hubley can do for you!  

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