Intranet Content Ideas That Drive Engagement

Alright, you’ve given your company intranet a makeover—packed it with new content, tools, and resources galore, but here’s the twist: Some folks might be giving it the cold shoulder like it’s last season’s fashion. Low adoption rates? Not on our watch! 

But fear not, wayfarer of the digital landscape! The good news is that you can have your staff flocking to your intranet in no time. All you need to do to effectively maximize your intranet adoption rate is to pack your platform with stellar content.  

With that said, we invite you to join us as we explore some great intranet content ideas. 

Define Your Intranet Goals 

First things first—let’s put a spotlight on your intranet’s mission. Why does it exist? Is it to build a tight-knit culture, keep everyone in the loop, or maybe just make life a tad simpler? 

Once you’ve cracked that code, zoom in on your goals. Got it? Good. Now, let’s dive into ideas that match your intranet’s vibe. 

Intranet Content Ideas 

Coming up with fresh intranet content ideas isn’t easy, but you can rest easy knowing we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Let the following list of eleven great intranet content ideas provide you with some inspiration: 

1. Surveys 

Surveys are far more than just questionnaires to pass the time; they are a tool for checking the pulse of your workforce, and there are plenty of different types of surveys you can use on your intranet, such as: 

  • Engagement Check: How's the team feeling? 
  • Feedback Frenzy: Launching something new? Get the scoop! 
  • Quirky Quizzes: Spice up the workday with some lighthearted fun. 

Adjust your survey vibe to the season: fun quizzes for the highs, serious surveys for the big changes ahead. 

2. Policies and Procedures 

Publishing policies and procedures might not be among the most exciting intranet content ideas, but they're oh-so vital. Remember, your intranet is meant to be a resource for your team. Turn it into a gold mine of must-knows! 

Think beyond PDFs—make it snazzy! Put in place quick links to frequently referenced policies, create visual guides, and include a section that highlights updates and changes to your procedures.  

3. News 

If you want employees to use your intranet, you need to give them a reason to log in every day, and adding a news section is a great way to do that.  

Your news section can include any of the following aspects: 

  • Employee Spotlights: Celebrate personal milestones or achievements  
  • Industry Trends: Supply employees with insights on what’s shaping the industry  
  • Local Events: Dedicate a space for news and occasions at different branches 

Keeping up with a news section can be a lot of work, though, so consider a staggered publishing schedule to keep your workload manageable. For instance, post team spotlights on Mondays, industry intel on Wednesdays, and local buzz on Fridays.  

4. Metrics 

Lost in the grind? Not anymore! Spotlight different teams, share success stories, and get interactive.  

  • Department Highlights: Shine the spotlight on different departments, making sure everyone feels appreciated 
  • Success Stories: Pair metrics with real-world stories and highlight the team that made it happen 
  • Interactive Dashboards: Use widgets that allow employees to interact with data like sales volume and revenue 

Making your metrics easily accessible keeps things transparent. Letting your teams see how their work fuels the company is a motivation booster, guaranteed!  

5. Customer Stories 

Customer stories aren’t just praise; it's rocket fuel for your team. Behind-the-scenes, real stories—inspire and conquer.  

You can film behind-the-scenes content, publish narratives, and so much more. When publishing customer stories, connect every story back to your crew. It’s their triumph, after all!  

6. Product Announcements 

Product announcements remind your staff that they are part of something bigger than themselves. Make each product launch feel like the premiere of next summer's blockbuster. Make a show out of it! No bland news, okay? Think teasers, interviews, and sneak peeks. Make every launch feel like a grand premiere—unite the team in excitement about your upcoming product! 

7. Jobs 

Your staff shouldn’t have to find out about new job openings via public forums or water cooler gossip. Keep it in the family! Post jobs internally first. They should be the first to know when you post a new vacancy with the company.  

Publishing jobs on your intranet and making them available to current staff first accomplishes a few things. First, giving your team “first dibs” on vacancies builds loyalty toward the company and lets everyone know that you prefer to nurture and invest in your talent.  

Secondly, it gives employees the chance to share information with people in their network. Turn your team into recruitment heroes. Spread the word, and widen your talent pool.  

8. Milestones 

Sharing milestones is another great intranet content idea. You can publish content about milestones like employee anniversaries, achievements, and promotions.  Celebrate victories, big and small. Employee achievements, company feats—raise a toast!   

Don’t stop with employee milestones, though. Publish information about your company’s achievements, too. Whether you set a new sales record or launch in a new market, let your staff know they helped make it happen. Recognize and immortalize  

9. Events  

Organize team-building events like BBQs, games, and lunch sessions—foster that teamwork! Events can be a dedicated section for all the fun stuff, and everyone can stay current about upcoming events through your intranet. Create an events section and update it often. When event info is easy to find, attendance will skyrocket.  

10. Training Opportunities  

Use your intranet to highlight upcoming training and development opportunities. Make sure to include a good mix of content. Mix it up: on-site, webinars, expos—something for everyone.  

Offering ample employee training opportunities is one of the best ways to engage with your staff. Everyone wants to get better at what they do and reach their potential. When you help your staff fulfill that desire, morale and productivity will flourish. 

11. Videos 

If you want your team to spend more time interacting with your intranet, fill it with engaging video content. Some video types to consider are as follows: 

  • DIY Tutorials: Create a DIY setup video to educate staff on your new software tool or platform  
  • Meet the Team Content: Fun, candid videos introducing different teams or departments 
  • Recreational Clips: Publish non-work-related (but appropriate) videos like DIY crafts or cooking tutorials, for instance 

When planning video content for your intranet, make your clips short, sweet, and captivating. Make ‘em binge-worthy. For the most part, limit videos to only a few minutes. If you need to record a DIY video for a complex platform, break it down into sections so users can find the help they need.  

Align Your Page Designs With Content 

Ensure your pages are well-structured, mobile-responsive, and aligned with your brand. For deeper insights, check out Canva’s list of 20 web design principles for a seamless intranet user experience.  

Key Takeaways 

These content strategies will jazz up your intranet and fortify user engagement. Remember to: 

  • Set clear objectives. 
  • Infuse a mix of informative and entertaining content. 
  • Optimize your pages for a delightful user experience. 

Keep evolving your intranet, infusing it with fresh content, and involve your team in the process. Their active participation will turn your intranet into a thriving digital haven! 

Most importantly, never stop improving. Always work to make your intranet better, keep it filled with fresh new content, and maintain an employee-centric approach by gathering feedback.  

Need Help Putting These Intranet Content Ideas to Use? 

Need more engagement strategies? Check out hubley’s list of SharePoint tricks and tips. You’ll learn how to get more out of your SharePoint intranet, mobilize your staff, and bring everyone together for the good of the business. 

If you want more personalized support and tools that help you achieve your intranet engagement goals, explore hubley’s suite of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 apps.

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