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Find An Intranet To Integrate Microsoft 365

You know that section of your résumé where you list your special skills and the software you can use? You have Microsoft Office listed, don’t you? Probably everyone does. It’s ubiquitous—and for a good reason! Even if you have a whole list of programs specific to your field, every business uses some sort of Microsoft product. Consequently, it’s so important to have an intranet that integrates Office 365.

Why You Love Microsft Office 365

To be sure, there are many reasons Microsoft Office 365 is used in companies of all sizes and industries of all disciplines. Its programs are familiar to employees of any technical skill level.

It offers vital programs such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Yammer, and more.

All can be accessed via desktops, tablets, and phones so your team can work how—and where—they want to work. Office 365 also stays effortlessly up-to-date, which means managers love it too.

Why You Should Love Your Intranet

So, all those things you love about Office 365 that we listed earlier? Many of them are the exact same things you should love about your intranet.

Intranets should be accessible and available, just like Office 365. By all means, an intranet should be first and foremost be easy to use. Additionally, intranets should have tools for all departments.

From human resources to finance, an intranet should effortlessly integrate all the tools you need.

The Perfect Intranet To Integrate Office365

Is it time to upgrade your intranet? We understand that there can be so many thoughts and worries swarming in your head. The pain of change is real.

Seamless integration and something out-of-the-box seems appealing. But you also need to be able to customize it—we’re all special snowflakes after all. Enter hubley!

At the risk of channeling Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music,” these are a few of our favorite things about hubley:

  • It can be up and running in less than two weeks.
  • Since it’s a SharePoint product, Office365 can be fully integrated.
  • Implement features as easily as a drag-and-drop.
  • Additional SharePoint Apps are available to customize completely your experience.
  • Our pricing model is as customizable as our product.

Get Started With hubley

We’re here for all industries, all departments, and all functions. Browse some FAQs, request a demo, and/or get in touch. We’ll talk about your intranet can integrate Office365 to make life easier for everyone at your company (especially you).



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