2021 hubley Intranet Feature Enhancements

We've become more accustomed to the fact that remote employment is not going away anytime soon. Many companies have made the switch, and as many more are looking to expand remote work to their employees, the need for up-to-date intranet solutions is critical. Businesses that don't have systems to handle remote work will struggle, and those limping along will soon find employees leaving them for competitors. Your intranet features have everything to do with your ability to be successful in a virtual business world.

Our New Year's Resolution

Like most of you might have made a personal or corporate commitment to achieve in 2021, hubley has created its own New Year's resolution. Our team has created several enhancements to the hubley intranet system to improve user experience. We have committed to doing our part to make your operations more streamlined, efficient, and productive. As a hubley GREEN client, it is our guarantee to you that your intranet will never get stale. Take a look at some of the recent features we released for our hubley GREEN clients.

1. LocationHub

Despite working remotely, you can stay connected with everyone on the team from anywhere. You can create an interactive and beautiful directory with LocationHub, where information can be customized to your operations. You can display your contact information, such as phone numbers, fax numbers, or emails, as well as your hours of operation. For companies with large departments, multiple locations, and hundreds of employees, the Location Directory search feature makes it easy for a user to find the information desired, regardless of location.

2. ProfileHub

In this new feature, you can allow users to update specific areas of their profile information. Any interaction done in the ProfileHub will automatically update the information in the SharePoint User Profiles. Profiles contain detailed information about the people in an organization, but they can also help organize the social tags, documents, or other items related to the user. Once the properties have been authorized for editing by users, you can add the webpart to any page and update the webpart settings. From there, editing profiles become the responsibility of the users.

3. WeatherHub

Snowstorms or terrible rainstorms can't sneak up on you with our new WeatherHub. This webpart can be added to your homepage or a specific department page. For frontline team members who have to worry about weather conditions and a possible impact on operations, the WeatherHub makes it easy to prepare for any condition. hubley uses AccuWeather to display the most accurate five-day forecast. You can have the WeatherHub display the region's forecast around your home office location or have users customize the weather display to their remote working location.

4. CelebrationHub

Remote employment can be hard on employee morale, as being physically distanced from coworkers can easily lead to feelings of isolation. With our new CelebrationHub, you can still keep everyone in great spirits. This webpart brings you a way to cheer on your employees and let everyone in on the festivities. There are tons of personalization and customization options within the CelebrationHub, allowing the webpart to be unique to your company. Social features, comments, and notifications can be added to include an additional layer of interaction.

5. Document Enhancements

We've listened to our users' suggestions and feedback from all across the industries and enhanced the document experience. None of the functionality that users have grown accustomed to has changed. The document webpart can support document folders that can be added to document libraries. It is still recommended to tag the documents, improving searchability, filtering, and visual presentation. The folder path on the webpart can create a focused document webpart.

We have also made it possible to interact with a document's content rather than just the document icons. In the Document Thumbnail Preview enhancement, you can turn on the preview button to give users a tiny snapshot of what the document contains.

6. Quick Link Enhancements

hubley has upgraded the Quick Links feature to either be displayed in the classic box style or now in a new list view. By using the list view, it's easier to create long lists of links. You can change the look of the Quick Links from the webpart settings for the feature. Quick links can now also be filtered.

7. Leadership Message Enhancements

With the new View All Page feature, the leadership message board is more of a blog-style. All messages can be displayed by clicking on the view all button.

As you can see, hubley has taken 2021 upgrades seriously. With these intranet features, your organization is ready for whatever the new year will bring.


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