Making Money with hubley #wisdomwednesday

Making Money with hubley #wisdomwednesday

Everyone wants to make money. That’s why we do all the crazy things we do, like forcing our agents to yell, “Show me the money,” in an office full of onlookers. [True story: Rogue’s own Cody Gros just watched “Jerry Maguire” this past weekend for the very first time. #SighMillennials.] In honor of everyone’s favorite pastime, we wrote this Wisdom Wednesday post to illustrate how our clients are actually making money with hubley.

Making Money with hubley

What oftentimes happens, after we’ve set up hubley for a new client, is that additional value is recognized. They will come back and say “That thing you created for us…it saved us a lot of money.”

We would counter that maybe hubley made you money instead.

Organizations tend to look at ‘making money’ as a function that happens when sales are converted to real dollars. Here at Rogue, we know there are lots of ways to make money in business. Here is a short breakdown of some non-traditional ways that hubley has helped our clients create value on an operational level and in turn, make more money.

hubley was built by experts with streamlined processes in mind. Everything in the platform is designed to shorten the time investment needed to accomplish a thing. Lowering labor cost is, obviously, the first way in which profit is recognized in this scenario, but it’s not the only way. hubley also reduces sunk costs, directly contributing to your bottom line.

Time is Money

  • The document management modules within the hubley platform reduce onboarding and training time.
  • The knowledge database allows employees to quickly search for answers to their questions, minimizing the time needed to search for an answer, reducing unproductive time.
  • Content targeting allows managers to quickly send information to specific teams (based on location OR department). This means less time spent drafting and copying people to emails and more time spent addressing issues that affect the bottom line.
  • When employees’ goals are more easily met, job satisfaction increases. Increased job satisfaction positively effects turnover rate (lowering hiring and training costs) and increases productivity.

Communication is Money

  • Collaboration and communication tools in hubley help eliminate the need for double-work. Out with blast emails to all, to department, to team, to management and in with news posts, targeted communications, and team collab spaces.
  • Document modules and version control settings allow employers to ensure that procedure documents are up to date and to double check that employees actually see procedural document changes–eliminating waste
  • Employees have ideas. Giving employees a place to voice those ideas allows organizations to leverage the ideas of the people who do the work to increase profit.

Better Customer Service is Money

  • Customers want a consistent vendor experience. When interacting with employees within the organization, they want to receive decisive and correct information. Giving employees a place to go when they need clear answers for customers is a sure-fire way to provide better customer service and reduce time spent on troubleshooting and double-checking.
  • Employees who feel empowered to handle a customer issue will interact with customers in a more relaxed, pleasant manner. Repeat business is, obviously, money.

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