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We’ve had a fair many questions lately about what the hubley intranet is. Is it different from Rogue? Is it a new business? Is it a re-brand of Rogue? All understandable. Let’s get to it!

hubley is the brand name of Rogue’s packaged intranet solution. Gosh what a frustrating answer. I’m annoying myself. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It’s analogy time.

How many of you have ordered a cake from a bakery? I’ve ordered a few [hundred]. When I  order cakes, I get to decide the size, flavor, color of icing**, and what goes on top… flowers, writing, other fanciness, like berries. And if I have any special requests, like, “Please put this My Little Pony figure on top,” I get to specify that in my order as well. I leave with a receipt that spells out what I’m getting and when to pick it up and how much it costs. I have a clear understanding of expectations, which are shared, in writing, with the bakery order-taker. When I leave the bakery, I have a high degree of confidence in what I will get when I return for my cake. And then when I get it, I’m all squeeeee because it’s exactly what I wanted.

**I’m Southern; we say “icing” instead of “frosting” #lexicaldifferences!

hubley is the cake of intranets, supported by the customer service and follow-through of Rogue (yeah, we’re the bakery in this analogy).

When you work with Rogue on a hubley implementation, you tell us the size of your organization, what your specific needs are, whether you are focusing on productivity, engagement, collaboration, social features, etc., what your branding requirements are, and what extras you may need. We then work up a proposal that spells out what we can give you. We even include screen-shots. There is no mystery. When you get a hubley proposal, you know what the end solution will be. We commit to a timeline, we tell you the cost, and then you do a happy dance and sign on the dotted line. When hubley is implemented, it is, simply, what you knew it was going to be.

So I hope that explains the hubley-Rogue relationship. We’re always happy to answer questions, demo, have a chat at a coffee shop. Don’t be shy. We’re here to make SharePoint awesome for your organization, and hubley is one of the ways we achieve that.

Thanks for reading! And happy Thanksgiving!!


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