Rogue Case Study: Document Management


Over years of acquisitions a large player in the nuclear power industry was left with siloed document management systems across its enterprise.  With a focus on consolidation of data and an active countdown on access to the largest of the disparate document systems, they contacted the Rogue team as a trusted O365 development partner.

  • Goals
    • Enhance
    • Consolidate
    • Simplify
  • Services:
    • SharePoint Online Migration
    • Development of Azure Functions, 
    • Azure Webhooks,
    • SharePoint Online,
    • Custom Application Development


  •  We divided the major functionality components into modules then set up collaborative brainstorming sessions where we worked alongside our client to define their vision for each module.
  •  We sought to understand the project stakeholders’ key security concerns so that we could address them thoroughly and create an external access point that met their Federal contracting requirements. 
  • Together, we drew a sketch of how their app would look, feel, and function. Each party bringing ideas to the table about how they wanted to improve, what features were important to them, and what they wanted to gain from the project’s success.
  • Finally, we had our team of Master SharePoint Ninjas bring an app in line with their vision into reality

 “Our Relationship with Rogue has exceeded expectations and their services have been an asset to our department and end user community.”

-Senior IT Director


The electronic document management system (EDMS) that we designed used a SharePoint back-end with custom code to facilitate program or project site requests; client, supplier, and controlled information subsite requests; and document management tools such as creating revisions, comments, packages, distributions, and transmittals. 


Quick: Within four months of signing the contract, we had met our client’s aggressive timeline before the decommissioning their old document management system.

Effective: We developed a solution that streamlined time consuming approval processes, had an easy to use user interface, and put simple tasks in the hands of the user to lighten the workload on IT.

Thorough: We provided end-user training to its document management and IT teams to ensure the document managers could operate within the custom system and that the IT team could easily maintain it from a technical perspective.

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