Sessions with a Master Rogue Volume 1: Activate your WorkForce!

2018 sure is moving quickly, isn’t it? It almost feels like we’ve moved through the first three quarters of 2018 at the speed of light! I hope you and your workfroce have made it through with all your limbs in the right place. Space travel can be tricky.  

So much has happened here at headquarters. Well, not TOO much—we’re still doing our roguish deeds; streamlining the workflows while increasing productivity and whatnot. It’s very much business as usual.  

However, we have grown.  

As new people come into an organization, the challenge becomes communicating the company mission, brand and culture WHILE ensuring the new employee has been given all the tools necessary to perform the basic functions of their job. That’s a lot and most of the time leadership isn’t as engaged in this process as they should be.  

So, how does an organization ensure that new employees are receiving introductions that are in consideration of the brand/mission of the company? How do intuitive leaders manage the continued investment of employees in the growth and development of the organization?  

I’ve pulled some tips from my bag of Rogue tricks to share with you, with the idea of activating and strengthening organizational work forces in mind. 

Because, if you want your business to thrive; your force MUST be with you!

Rogue Tip #1: Know your Force! 

Do you really know how your workforce views your company? Does your workforce understand your brand and company mission? Are they happy or are they looking for work elsewhere? These are things that most Organizations don’t really consider on a day to day basis. Companies don’t seem to realize that disengaged employees are a detriment to the goals and missions set forth by leaders OR that internal brand promotion can boost production, improve engagement and strengthen the workforce.

 I’ve seen it time and time again, as we’ve integrated SharePoint solutions; employees come alive with excitement whenever they interact with their company in a new way. Removing all the walls that separate individual teams, departments and (especially) leadership invigorates the workforce culture and creates avenues for collaboration that are amazing! 

 Long and short: If you don’t know your employees, you can’t possibly know what will motivate them. If your employees don’t know you, they won’t be invested in their work! 

 Rogue Tip #2: Be real, Be You, Be relevant 

It’s your company! It SHOULD be representative of you! Share who you are with every level of your organization and allow them to do the same. Your people can’t love you if they don’t know you, after all!  

 Most organizations/leaders attempt to build relevance with company outings, gatherings and events.  

 Reasons why this approach isn’t effective: 

  • Can negatively impact productivity (if occurring during work day) 
  • These engagements are costly—and if employees perceive that their pay/raise structure is unfair, seeing their organization spending $$ on events could negatively impact employee satisfaction and workforce culture 
  • Unhappy employees won’t engage so there are minimal opportunities to turn detractors into invested and motivated employees 
  • Engagement tends to be one sided, awkward or forced (imagine the CEO giving a speech while employees stand crossed armed, eyes rolling and wondering when the food will be served) 
  • After the event is over, engagement ends. Employees go back to their work space and plug back in

Even if workplace events are working for you, good luck competing for employee attention against social media, texting or real social engagement in the workplace. The fact is that most organizational leaders aren’t a real match for the impact social media has on workforce culture. What’s more, policies that remove engagement with social media almost always negatively impact job satisfaction. 

Instead of banning social media in the workplace, consider integrating it into your organization. Innovative corporations will create their own, organization based social media outlet.  

Rogue Tip #3: Make work easier and more intuitive 

Company intranets provide opportunities for organizations to infuse their brand into the culture of the workforce, while promoting productivity and providing tools for success.  

 Yeah, that’s a big sentence, I know. Let me try to explain. 

  • Building a culture that aligns with the goals of the company can be as simple as posting monthly updates about company activities or allowing department leads to post silly pictures or give kudos when individual/departmental goals are met.  
  • Our hubley intranet package includes apps and tools that will make work processes easier. So, instead of employees taking time off work to engage, they will engage AS they’re gathering tools or resources to perform their job. So, you’re trading passive engagement for active engagement.
  • Your organization’s brand package is used when developing your hubley intranet so employees will become intuitively aware of the brand vision you have created.  
  • Having a hub of resources, tips and document storage options drives employee satisfaction. Employees who feel equipped to do their job well become empowered problems solvers and brand ambassadors.
  • hubley is built with the Virtual Organization in mind. The intranet platform allows for collaboration without the need for colocation and promotes accountability by allowing organizations to monitor version control.

In summary: Your employees are the driving force in the culture and success of your company. If you haven’t maximized on the opportunity to engage with employees on every level of your organization, your force isn’t fully activated!

That’s all for this month’s Session with a Master Rogue! I’m glad you joined me and I look forward to meeting with you against next month as we reveal our top 3 apps for solving common enterprise problems. In the meantime, I want to see your comments below! Whether you want to give feedback, share experiences or ask a question, it is all welcome!   

Go on, now! Go do that thing that makes you amazing! 

I’ll be here when you need me!  


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