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A Day in the Life of an IT Intern

Gen Z in the Real World

With all the talk about Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce, we thought a first-person Gen Z perspective would be valuable. I’m Maddie, a junior at LSU and the Business Intelligence Intern here at Rogue. I have been at Rogue for about a month now and can speak to classroom culture compared to the hands-on internship experience that will give me a competitive edge over my peers.

Being born in 1997 puts me right on the edge of Millennialism and on the cusp of Gen Z. It is no secret that we have a bad reputation. We grew up with technology at the tips of our fingers, which is the key to what makes us different. We prefer to learn through experience rather than textbooks. As I am approaching my senior year at LSU, the competition is fierce. It is all about who has the best internships for the summer and who already has jobs lined up for after graduation.  Technology is the now and the future for the working world, and we are eager to show you all that we have what it takes.

Why IT:

While growing up, I knew I always wanted to do something different from my family of medical professionals and lawyers. The world of IT had always been somewhat intriguing to me, but I just didn’t know where to begin my journey. I navigated through the different opportunities that LSU offered, and I ended up in the E.J. Ourso College of Business studying Information Systems and Decision Sciences (ISDS).

The ISDS program at LSU isn’t like most tech programs. It focuses on developing a strong communication/presentation background as well as the technical

When it comes to learning IT, it is not something where you can master and stick with for the rest of your career. IT changes so quickly. Social media, mobile capability, cloud-based infrastructure, and collaboration tools are constantly growing and becoming bigger and better than the last one. When it comes to studying the IT field in college it is nearly impossible to master it in a classroom. Textbooks are nearly out of date once they are published. Therefore, workplace experience is key to succeed in this field. This is the best way to see what all these new changes and updates do for the working world. Besides the same innovators that are creating all these new apps and tech are also employers and employees in “the real world.”

My favorite thing about the IT Industry is that you are essentially the backbone of the business. The IT Industry has so much control over keeping businesses up and running. It is incredible to think that something so new can have such an impact on the marketplace. Even though technology will constantly be evolving, the permanence of the IT industry is guaranteed.

Why I Went Rogue:

Growing up on Apple products, I knew I would need experience across different platforms and solutions before entering the workforce. Even though I am getting experience at school, I wanted to be able to grow my skills in these different platforms and solutions in the real world, and Rogue was the place for me.

Like I said before I have only been here for a month, but in this month, I have learned about the Microsoft solutions stack, including SharePoint Online. Walking into a company that built an intranet solution through SharePoint was intimidating, but once I familiarized myself with the content owner view of hubley, I realized how easy SharePoint-based content management can be. Working within hubley has helped me realize how valuable intranet systems are to companies.  Having an intranet system will improve communication across all levels of a company. It allows for companies to be more productive, have a social atmosphere, have all documentation in one place, and much more!

The life of an intern at Rogue is never boring. Each day I walk into the office and learn something new. Even though I am still settling in, I am looking forward to what the rest of February will bring.

Since I made the jump and went Rogue, you should too! Request a demo. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We are here to answer your questions! Let’s talk today.



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